Saturday, 22 February 2014

We had one more night out with Barry and his girlfriend which turned out to be an absolute classic, they went home fairly early after a few games of pool, dinner and some beers again  but I found my way to a place called Tom’s Bar. 

I wasn’t in there long before we were all ushered up some little steps out the back and told to wait in this little room with no lights on?!! I was thinking WTF, now what have I fallen for, a few locals and a few westerners all looking as confused as each other (before they turned the lights out on us).
Now and again someone would pop there head in and SSSHHHH everybody.  Ok, I’ll play along and see where this ends up!  After around 15 minutes we are told it’s all clear and everybody heads downstairs to continue the party, the cops had just done their rounds for the night and seeing nobody in the place had closed it and declared it ‘all good’.  Haha too funny, it all made sense now, we were now free to party into the early hours!
Dan was from England and Eirma was from Ireland and the 3 of us got along like a house on fire, drinking and swapping life stories until sun up!  There was a big group of Belgium dickheads in there (simply stating they were from Belgium, not that they are all dickheads) carrying on like twats and they were finally told to get the F*** out.  

The whole energy changed, not that anybody was worried about them, they were just 'trashticated', being loud, singing, tripping over, breaking stuff, plus one guy spewed.
Anyway after that we were let loose on the laptop and youtube and spent the next few hours playing our favourite songs and just having a blast.  Dan was also a big music fan and we all shared a similar taste in bands.  There may or may not have been a huge joint present…    

The sun was not far from coming up and we were all a bit worse for wear by this stage, Eirma especially, so being the gentleman that we are, we jumped on motorbike taxi’s and made sure she got home before heading off to our hotels.