Thursday, 20 February 2014


I was soon Thailand bound though and after a quick stop in Java I was off again and soon landing at Suvarnabhum Airport, considering all the times I have flown into Thailand, this was my first time at this airport.  

I normally fly into Don Meuang with Air Asia so I was feeling a little lost and not knowing where to find my mate Phill.  I had visions of not finding him as I was a little late getting in, if not we may not have seen each other the whole trip!

He didn’t have email or phone so it would have been nearly impossible to catch up, just as I was really getting worried, some bloody farang is yelling ‘Oi, wanker’ across the crowded airport!  Not a name I would normally respond to but I knew straight away it was directed at me and soon enough I spotted Phill.

It was great see him and we were soon in a car and heading to party town, otherwise known as Pattaya, a couple of large beers from the 7/11 along the way, plenty of story swapping and soon we were there. 

I had rooms booked at my normal place when in town, the English Rose near Soi Buakaow, you won’t find a better room or host in Pattaya than here.  Allen is a great guy, the rooms are huge with all modern furnishings and the price is unbeatable. 

As we ventured out around town, Phill was amazed at how many people I knew,  he kept laughing as people would yell out or stop to say hi, we could hardly walk up the street without being stopped for a beer and a catch up with my expat mates and my local friends.  Not much to report from our Thailand trip, was pretty much just party time as Danca, from previous stories, happened to roll into town at the same time..

Poor Phill didn’t know what had hit him, now he had double the bad influence and as the other 2 boy’s were on limited time, we pretty much just partied and caught up with friends every night.  We ate great food, played a lot of pool, went fishing, shooting, cinema, bowling.. had a bloody awesome time basically! 

Phill had been here before, but he had never been with Danca and I, and he was seeing a whole new side to the place!  Most tourists spend their time at Walking Street, but when you spend longer here and get to know people, there is so much more to the city.  It has everything and the food choices are unbelievable and cheap.
Phill was stoked to catch some new species (I believe I baited and cast that out for ya mate..?!)   first cast too, he couldn't believe it!
 It's a tough gig this fishing!