Tuesday, 25 February 2014

So it was back into town to check out a pool place I had seen earlier, but when we got there and I saw the tables I nearly fell over laughing, there were no pockets?!  Here were a couple of beautiful tables that were perfectly straight all the way around the inside!  

One of the girls spoke enough English to explain the rules, they play with a red, yellow and white ball.  You each take a coloured ball and the object is to hit your opponnents ball and the white off the same shot.  Actually harder than I thought it would be but I played around for a while trying to master it, never know when that skill may come in handy!
After a quick stop here it was off to another local place to sink a few beers while we waited for Nea to arrive, man do the Vietnamese like a beer or 10!  It didn’t seem to matter where we went, there were always locals smashing beers like there was no tomorrow.  A few beers with the locals here and it was time to check in at the hotel for Nea, but she hadn’t arrived yet.  

We were slightly worried as she was riding alone on a real piece of shit Honda Win, the bike of choice for all the backpackers.  They usually buy them for about $300, ride them across Vietnam and sell again.  Nea will still argue that her bike was better than my scooter, but I think she is dreaming!
We went for a quick ride and perched ourselves in a vantage point (place to drink more beer) on the edge of town so we could see when she arrived, but we hadn’t even sat down and she turned up.  We decided to sit at ‘vantage point’ anyway and had a couple of cold drinks and got to know each other. 

Pete had met her before, so had I apparently on the rooftop over Tet, but for some reason we hadn’t chatted.  Nea is a real adventurer and was the first Swede to do Son Doong cave just a week or so earlier.
We got her checked in to the hotel and after we all had a scrub it was back to our little restaurant where tonight, Cuddles the chicken met a similar fate as Fluffy!  It’s a hard gig being a chicken in Vietnam!  

Another great night and it was off to bed in preparation for another day on the bike tomorrow.  This next leg would take us further down the HCM West Hwy and into Phrao, a tiny little town that barely sees a tourist.
Pocketless pool tables??!!
Of all the 'squatters I have used, I have never seen one with a cistern?
Nea, Pete and what was left of 'Cuddles' the chicken