Tuesday, 18 February 2014


The last guy still in the car with us offered a solution and invited us to stay with him and try to organize a way to Moni for the next day as he was also trying to get there.  I was hesitant as it was outside of town and I didn’t want to be stuck with no transport, plus we didn’t know this guy from a bar of soap.

Almost reluctantly I agreed and we continued on with our new friend, I got more concerned the further out we got into the hills, we were miles from anywhere!

When we finally found the place and pulled up, it was actually a huge church and a place where many nuns and priests live (a convent? IDK?!) and I must admit I felt a little out of place!  His brother was in charge and we were introduced and shown to a very small and very basic room where we could stay, separate rooms for me and Patty of course, no hanky panky in the house of god!

After a much needed shower we all shared a meal and chatted, they were both very nice and obviously so hospitable.  They had taken 2 strangers in for the night, given us a room and food and didn’t want a cent in return.  It turned out to be a great mishap and a highlight of Flores for me having that experience.  

We discussed options in getting to Moni, our new friend knew of a back track through the hills that would get us there on the back of a bike and a plan was set.  I was not overly happy with this arrangement as it meant I would have to carry all my heavy gear with me but what could I do?

After an early night we were fed again in the morning, as with dinner it was local, simple and delicious.  We thanked everybody immensely and said our goodbyes as we jumped on the bikes and set off into the unknown.  It started as an awesome ride and we were loving it, but this didn’t last long and the road quickly turned horrible and so the torture began!
Some pics from around the home of our good Samaritans, a beautiful setting in the hills
 My digs for the night at the convent