Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Mother Nature had it in for us today unfortunately and although we were riding through possibly the most beautiful scenery you are ever likely to find, we could hardly see it as we were rained on all day, with fog and low cloud reducing our visibility at times to only 10 meters. 

Another twisting mountainous road, the scenery (when we could see it) was even better than the trip to Khe Sanh, but it was bitterly cold and wet and we just wanted to see our next destination, Prao.
After a massive day in the icy weather we finally rolled in to Prao feeling like popsicles so we quickly found a place to stay, Nha Khach Guesthouse.  Now this place was primitive to say the least, it didn’t even have keys for the room, but there was promise of a hot shower.  

There were so many things wrong with this place I can’t even get into it all, but nobody had a hot shower, or a shower at all.  Some dry clothes on, we headed out to ‘explore’ the town, took all of about 5 minutes.  Next step?  Find beer and food!
We found a tiny little place that had hot beer and ice, all good, then it was up to Pete to do the old ‘what have ya got, give us a look, na, don’t want that shit’ routine and after going through the ‘kitchen’ and fridge we managed to organize some noodles, veges and beef.  

All part of the fun and we all had another great night, nothing beats coming out to these little places, mixing with the locals and simply having fun trying to communicate.
This tiny town in rural Vietnam doesn't see many tourists and it is definitely worth a visit, not only for the scenery you will encounter on the way, but just to get a taste of real Vietnam.  We plan on redoing the ride from Khe Sanh again when it's not raining.
Prao and our 'guesthouse'

It's thirsty work all that riding!

Still having a blast despite the conditions

Sheltering in a tunnel for 5 minutes

Oh yeah, had to get a tube changed on the bike.  Luckily it happened in a major town and was sorted in no time.

Nea took this one, I thought it was a cool pic