Thursday, 20 February 2014

Being the creature of habit I am when it comes to accommodation, I checked us into the Lyon D’Or, where I had stayed last time.  Things had gotten considerably worse over the year and I will probably look elsewhere next trip, but I do like the location and the food is fantastic.  Then it was just a few nights out around town, showing Phill the city, having a few drinks and in general just partying way too hard.  You will notice all this partying started when Phill arrived on the scene?!
We had 4 nights in Phnom Penh then jumped on another awesome mini bus down to Sihanoukville for our last 3 days before Phill had to go home to Australia.  I had never made it down here either after my motorbike crash last trip and was going to spend the rest of my month here chilling out and visiting the islands, doing some fishing and camping.  It was late in the day when we arrived into SV town and so we paid too much for a tuk-tuk out to Otres Beach, around $6 I think, but he wasn’t going any lower.
I still can’t comment on the town itself as I never spent any time there, but Otres Beach is one of those laid back, idyllic holiday spots you would take your girlfriend to lay on the beach, relax and drink cocktails.  Not really my thing but the place was just so relaxed, you could seriously sit in the sand, meters from the water and have a cold beer (a joint too if you wanted…) 
I told this guy I would mention his place on here because he was just such a cool dude and the food at his place was great.  An awesome spot to kick back with a cold beer or 3 watching the sunset.
An Aussie guy I know runs this place - Wish You Were Here Guesthouse