Friday, 28 February 2014

The next day was our ride back up north to Hue over the Hai Van Pass, a famous stretch of coastline that takes you over the mountains with stunning views all the way (as always!).  Another icy cold day on the bike, at least we weren’t getting rained on though and eventually we were pulling in to Hue after an amazing day on the bike. 

We checked in to the DMZ Hotel and warmed up in the shower before venturing out again, Pete had to get some work done on his bike and had specifically been waiting to get to Hue to see his regular mechanic.  The guy ended up making a rack and frame for saddlebags for Pete’s bike which only cost $25?!!  Ridiculously cheap, would have been over $200 in Australia.
It was now that time of the day for a cold beer and after a couple at the Hue Backpackers across the road, we quickly decided we were having a dirty big burger and fries!  You do miss these things at times and it was dam good. 

In our quest for a pool table we found ourselves at Brown Eyes Bar later and it was very quiet but hey, it was happy hour!  I have forever been spoilt for Mojito’s now, these guys serve them up in a bucket!  Haha, the only way to drink Mojito’s from now on, they were huge but Nea and I were sharing, didn’t stop us getting more than a little sloshed though.
I have this in built drunkness detector, if you see me dancing at a bar, you know I have had too much.  I’m sure my family will be amused and worried at that statement as they know what I’m saying!  But we danced, drank jumbo Mojito’s, talked bullshit and had a great last night out with Nea, we were gonna miss her, she had been so much fun and a great addition to the journey.  I daresay we may meet up elsewhere to travel at some stage, she also does seasonal work and loves to travel.
Nea was off early the next morning on a 24 hour overnight bus to Saigon, I couldn’t think of anything worse than that with the hangover she must have had!  Pete and I hung around Hue for a few more days and had another couple of nights at Brown Eyes where we met more great people, I teamed up with a local guy and we were unbeatable on the pool table 2 nights running, literally holding it for hours. 

 Had to stop for a pic of this, my trusty machine ticking over 50000km

Jumbo Mojito's

First time Pete has had any hair in years!