Wednesday, 19 February 2014


We awoke early, as seems to be the norm for Indo highlights, and headed out into the cold grey morning on our (un)trusty scooter up the winding mountain road.  From memory it took around 20-30 minutes and then we had to stop at the 'ranger station' to pay our park fee's, when they ask - tell them you DON'T have a camera or you will be hit with another fee.  Gotta love these Indo 'camera fee's'! 

Once at the car park it is a nice, but cold hike up to the summit to view the 3 coloured lakes, maybe around a 20 minute walk, but there are quite a few steps on the last section.  First we stop at one vantage point to see lowest of the lakes, but this is only about halfway up to the top.  A few snaps and we take in the views, before heading to the summit where we will be able to see all 3 from the same spot.

Once we make it past the grueling and agonizingly steep steps (ok, slight exaggeration, but it felt like it at the time) we stand proudly at the viewpoint on the summit, shivering with frosty breath, taking in the 360 degree views  of the famous Mt Kelimutu. 

To be honest, I was expecting it to be grander, to be blown away by a sheer overwhelming display of nature, but I wasn’t.  Don’t get me wrong, it was pretty amazing, it just didn’t have the extreme wow factor I thought it would.

We warmed up with hot coffee and noodles and took it all in, definitely glad we had made the journey, but I guess sometimes the anticipation detracts from the actual experience.  It is still not to be missed in Flores though and I don’t think anyone would ever regret visiting here or the town of Moni itself, a place you could lose track of time in. 

Check out Arwanty Homestay in the main street for some excellent food, try their spaghetti, plus they have icy cold beer!  Also be sure to visit the waterfall right in town, look for the Rainbow CafĂ© and follow the track across the road, we had the place to our selves for a couple of hours.
Bamboo bridge at the waterfall, Patty was a little nervous crossing it, so obviously I kept shaking it!
 Don't let the crappy sign fool you, this place has great food (and icy cold beer)
 Some scenery riding around Moni, I should really have taken more snaps 
The 3 Coloured Lakes of Mt Kelimutu 
That's how cold it was, the mask was to keep warm!