Thursday, 20 February 2014

The next day we headed out to the island of Koh Ta Kiev to stay for the night, it was a nice boat ride out there and as always I had my fishing rod ready to go.  We stopped halfway so the skipper could get cigarettes off another boat?! So obviously I had a few casts. 

 One girl on the boat asked me ‘but what happens if you hook a fish?’,  I wasn’t sure how to respond to that one?!  Ummm, is that a trick question, that is the whole point, I’ll possibly wind it in but i’ll see how I feel at the time?!  You know what they say about there being no stupid questions...
Anyway back to the story…
When we arrived I was expecting a quiet little island getaway so we could rest up after a hard few days partying, but there was a full on midday session going on when we arrived.  Apparently a few of the expats get the same day off and decided to make a day of it on KTK, nothing outrageous, just a few lads having a few beers, all good fun.

  But where we come from it would be rude not to join in and so an arvo session on KTK had begun…   There were stories swapped, guitars strummed, dirty jokes told, cold beers harmed and much hilarity had by all.  You just fell instantly in love with this place.
The owner of Ten103 Treehouse was a great host and an AMAZING cook, the food here was some of the best I had eaten anywhere, and the guy was on a deserted island with a tiny little kitchen, it was astounding the quality and volume of food that was coming out of this little island hut.  Seriously, if not for the super relaxed vibe, the friendly laid back travellers, the amazing jungle and coastline, or just to lay in a hammock and read, then come simply for the food!
The whole place just oozed good times and relaxation, there was plenty to go see or do around the island, Phill and I walked across the other side through the jungle and had a go at fishing, but the only thing we caught was a look at some sexy girls sunbathing on the beach! 

Back at the bar, if you like Absinthe they have this bamboo pole with 5 places for a shot glass.  After properly preparing your drink they are poured into your shot and everybody has the bamboo pole and must all tip it evenly at the same time to get a drink. Hard to explain I guess, but fun to watch. 
We slept in simple bunk beds with an open view out across the ocean and stars, it was all we needed.  After a much needed long sleep in it was time for some lunch, a quick beer and our boat was there to take us back to Otres where we had one more night before Phill returned to Aus.   Or was he??!!  

 I may have forgotten to mention that he was having so much fun that somewhere along the way he had extended his trip by another 9 days and we were both heading back to Thailand to finish out the trip.
I was looking forward to my month in Cambodia, but I wasn’t gonna let him go solo and after another chilled night in Otres we were back in the ‘bonecrushers’ and heading to PP for our flight back to Bangkok and Pattaya.  

A quick trip through Cambodia, but one that took us from Siem Reap through to SV and gave Phill a little taste for the place.  If you are in Otres, don’t miss Koh Ta Kiev and Ten103 Treehouse, did I mention the food there?!
The place was so bloody relaxed, I forgot to take a single picture?!  Check out the Ten103 website for more info