Saturday, 22 February 2014

Phill and I had another 9 days doing, well, very little really!  More partying and seeing friends, there is always something going on.  It was great to have one of my best mates over here finally, even if there wasn’t really any proper travelling happening.  We were just enjoying hanging out again after nearly 3 years that we felt no urge to rush around travelling, plus Phill had seen a bit of Thailand on previous trips.
Soon enough his time was up though and he was heading back to Australia and I could finally get some proper sleep and give my liver and kidney’s a rest!  They didn’t get much time to recover though as a week later, due to how much he loved the trip, and a few work issues, he sends me an email to say ‘ummmm,  get ready, I’ll be back in a week’!!  I thought the guy was mad, but he explained about work etc when he got there later and it made sense.
No Danca this time so it was only the 2 amigos and we pretty much just did the same as before!  I was supposed to leave Thailand after Phill went home and be elsewhere, so had to extend my visa.  I then had the unenviable task of finding us both accommodation in Pattaya, over Xmas and New Years, at short notice?!  Thanks Phill!  Fuck, what a mission it was too and I only just managed to find us something, though in different guesthouses.
I didn’t really have much desire to be there over Xmas etc, plus had really spent long enough here already, but if a mate like Phill says he’s coming, then I’ll be here!  It was vastly different than the previous year when I had been in Udon Thani with Mon and her family, but still great fun.  There were fireworks for sale everywhere and everybody would regularly set them up in the street and let em rip.  Obviously, so did we!
It was hard finding any quiet time, with so many friends around, there were parties non-stop and so much great food.  Xmas day was ridiculous trying to walk up the street, I think I ate 5 times, with even the locals I know having cooked up huge roast, turkey, veg, gravy etc, it was heaven.  Not much to report really, we went out, drank, ate great food and just had an awesome time with everybody being in high spirits.  There were huge firework display’s seemingly every couple of days down the beach which were great to watch.
I’ll skip through the rest, but we had another fantastic holiday and Phill headed home early January, while I was off not long after and flying into Vietnam where I sit now typing this from Phong Nha, but with a new twist to my tale that I have just learned yesterday….
Ok Xmas isn't so bad here...
One of our stashes of fireworks
Seems everything is for sale here, I liked this guy's shirt so much he sold it to me!
Aaah, who doesn't like fireworks, gotta love the safety standards!!  Notice how close the scooters nad storefronts are?!