Saturday, 7 September 2013


The scooter is returned and we take local transport back to Ban Phe to depart for Koh Samet for a night.  The journey is relaxing and doesn’t take all that long and we are soon disembarking on the island.  (Koh means island)  Our room is right near the pier so a quick walk sees us dropping our gear and grabbing another rental scooter, it has knobbly tyres like a dirt bike and I soon realize why.

  The tracks here once you get past the tiny little town centre are shit, but I love it and the riding all over the island is actually my favourite part of the trip.  I take this poor scooter over every track on the island and all the way to the southern end, some of it is definitely not for the inexperienced or faint hearted and for a beginner could actually be dangerous.  But it is all worth it and we escape the bulk of the tourists and it feels like we have the island to ourselves at times.  
We arrive at a few secluded beaches and have a swim, it is beautiful.  At the southern end is a great viewpoint overlooking a spectacular bay and given more time I would have hiked down to it for a snorkel if I had the gear.  The town centre, although beautiful, was a little touristy for me, but I am a fussy bugger like that.  

But once we got further afield it really is a picturesque island with some great coastline and beaches, though I have to admit, I was not looking forward to the ride back!  You can hire 4 wheeler motorbikes on the island, which would make it a breeze but as I am a full time traveller on a budget, I opted for the cheaper scooter.  I definitely recommend a visit to Koh Samet.  

Update May 2014, a Thai friend actually hurt herself really badly crashing one of those 4 wheeler's late last year, so even they are dangerous!

A few refreshing beverages with ocean views after a much needed shower, followed by dinner and we turn in after a big day out in the sun.  There are a couple more tracks close by to check out in the morning and we have a quick ride before returning the bike and hopping back on the boat around noon to head back to the mainland.  

Once back in Ban Phe we hop on more local transport to a little fishing pond I have found way out in the sticks, Wasana Fishing Park and Restaurant near Laem Mae Phim and we stay 2 nights in a cabin by the water.  This place really is in the middle of nowhere and we have to hijack the local transport to take us out there, for a very slight extra cost of course!  Aside from a tiny ‘town’ which seems to consist of 1 intersection and 2 shops, about 10 minutes away, there is nothing but farmland for miles.  I love it!

Pier at Ban Phe, view from the boat.  there are a heap of piers there so make sure to do your homework as they will all want to charge you different prices to get to Koh Samet.

my Koh Samet machine, complete with much needed off-road tyres

This 'v' sign is something I picked up from Mon, she used to do it in nearly every photo, then I started copying it, just pulling the piss out of her.  before I knew it, it had become a habit for me also!! 

even on Koh Samet it is possible to find views like this and have it all to yourself

When you live where I do in WA, the beaches in Pattaya just don't cut it.  This was an awesome little bay to swim in though, more like what i'm used to.  Except for the trees!