Sunday, 29 September 2013


 After wrangling a cheaper deal with an already grumpy lady and saving a whole 50bt on the scooter rental, I had to call her 20 minutes later and tell her that I had just smashed her bike into the back of a small sedan. Couldn’t fucken believe it! Mon and I were fine, a couple of small grazes for me (hehe new scars) but the front of the scooter was pretty destroyed and so was the back of this idiots’ car.

 He started ranting about giving him money (HUUUUGE surprise there) for the massive autograph I left in his rear bumper until Mon gave him a mouthful about something and he promptly got in his car and took off!! Whew, wallet crisis number 1 averted, time to go check the cost of scooter repair.

Our stay in Hua Hin is unintentionally extended as we wait for scooter parts, but it gives me more time to check the place out properly.  I’m glad I did as I wasn’t overly impressed with the place at first but after getting stuck here and investigating further, my opinion has changed.  This seems to be a common trend throughout the trip, don’t be so quick to judge a place, the longer you stay and more you explore, learn and see, you might be surprised at what you find. 

A lot of places I have been, if I only gave them a couple of days I might have walked away with negative impression, but stick with it and you will find the hidden gems and get to really know the place.  The scooter is still drivable as the damage was only to the plastics, so we continue thrashing it whilst waiting for spare parts.

I took the beast west towards the Myanmar border, to Kaeng Krachan National Park and Pala-U waterfall, a fairly long, yet very scenic ride and an awesome day out.  The falls were great, as was the hike into them and something I’d do again, especially with higher water levels. 

Once again the carp were thick and I just wanted to belt a small popper out over em. Twisties we threw in were being annihilated by packs of these fish, it would have been great to see em all fighting over a surface lure. I never get tired of these excursions, riding out into the countryside, before hiking through jungle, exploring and checking out the waterfalls, usually having a swim also. 

I love being immersed in nature like this and the beauty of these places never disappoints.  It was a great ride through jungle clad mountains and farmland followed by a hike through more pristine jungle trails, and we hardly saw any other people the whole day.  Pala-U was an awesome day out and should not be missed if you are in Hua Hin or surrounding areas. 

This place had great food and a stunning view,  little cafĂ© we found on the mountain on the ride to Kaeng Krachan

This set of falls is actually pretty high, you can see from the other pics

Probably not the smartest place to sit....