Thursday, 5 September 2013


I am now a professional scooter rider and love to get out and explore around the city, especially trips out to the seafood markets at Naklua for fresh, delicious shellfish, squid and fish.  The seafood, pork and chicken here is so cheap we eat like kings and it’s hard to keep the weight down with such a huge variety of delicious, cheap food, not to mention the beers to wash it down with!   Everything is so cheap here and spending $30 seems like a lot, even though it buys pretty much a week’s worth of groceries from the markets. 

Fresh cold fruit is sold everywhere and the other assortment of amazing cheap food available at the markets and from street carts is unfathomable.  It is one of the things I miss most when I return to Australia, the almost unlimited choice of cheap, delicious food being sold everywhere you look.  Strangely enough I was a very fussy eater before I left?!  I will be back in Thailand soon and will get a stack of food options pictures and dedicate a page or 2 to the blog.

I am only back a little over a month and we decide to head north to Udon Thani to visit Mon’s brother and family for the Christmas and New Year period.  They turn out to be awesome people, extremely friendly, helpful and great fun, even driving all the way down to pick us up from Pattaya.  Mon’s mum and 9 yr old daughter are coming also and we load 5 adults, 3 kids and a 2 yr old into Wit’s (brother) 2 door space cab ute with one of those little bench seats behind the front ones. 

My ass is numb less than an hour into the trip and my knees are up around my ears, but we are off and I get to check out the scenery along the way.  The 3 older kids are all on the back and the youngest is with us up front.  The distance isn’t that far by my Western Australia standards but the journey ends up taking us 14 hours!  It doesn’t help that we stop to eat nearly every couple of hours, the Thai’s are renowned for being eating machines!

mmmmm,  so tasty

The ute that gets us to Udon Thani