Monday, 2 September 2013


The next couple of months are spent meeting new friends who I am still in regular contact with and will be visiting again soon, sightseeing, lots of playing pool over a few beers, going to the gym, eating a great and vast assortment of healthy food and meeting a girl I would end up spending my next 6 months with, Mon.  There are many crazy stories from this period but I might save those for another blog that my parents aren't reading! 

 I also begin my scooter riding apprenticeship here and this opens up a load more destinations that I can now get to, and many new places to explore.  Simply riding around anywhere here is an adventure all in itself.  I party very hard for the first month as it is just such a wild place that never sleeps, the great friends I have made and the girl I have met keep me here and my plans to be more mobile are put on hold.  But I enjoy the feeling of becoming ‘local’ and soon I find it hard to go up the street without bumping into people I know.
After my first 2 months it is time to visit the Jomtien Immigration Office for a visa extension, it proves to be quite confusing the first time around but I am now a master at it and the whole process is fairly painless.  I will remember this day well as I still bear a scar…     After sorting my visa extension I stop at one of my locals for a quick, early afternoon beer, this turns into a mammoth session as I meet a new friend from England.  

We quickly get along well and the beers flow, it is soon dark and we go wandering in search of more fun.  After a couple more beers nearby, we get talked into having our pictures taken with an assortment of exotic animals, one being a fairly large python I have wrapped around my neck that seems to be getting ready to bite me on the face.  He decides against it and I escape unharmed, for now.
Martyn offers to take me up to Walking Street, the most famous party zone of the area and a place I have yet to visit in my 2 months here.  I’m more of a casual pub or bar with mates and some pool guy than into discos and night clubs, but it is a great night and we kick on until late.   It is time to part ways and I start my walk home alone, a wrong turn sees me end up on a quiet little backstreet but I press on.  

As I am casually strolling along I feel a sharp nip on the back of my leg and quickly turn around to see a mangy feral dog scampering away after taking a cheap shot at me.  I think to myself ‘ah shit, that bastard just got me’ but I don’t think it is that bad until I feel how much blood is gushing down my leg. 
I am wearing long pants for possibly the first time of the trip as I wanted to look a little more respectable while visiting the Immigration office (it is unnecessary by the way) and this has probably saved me a little.  I pull the leg up and it is bad, I can’t even see exactly how bad the wound is, as there is so much blood but I know it’s not good.  

I’m bleeding fast and manage to find a couple of locals not too far away and plead for them to take me to hospital.  Their English is non-existent and the guy doesn’t want to take me, a couple of hundred baht (about $7) and a few stern words from his girlfriend and we are off.   Luckily I already know where the hospital is and direct him all the way.
The service and staff at the hospital are great and they soon have me patched up, though I am unsure why they choose not to stitch, possibly the high risk of infection.  After a less than pleasant clean up and about 7 needles I am set to go, the bill is huge but they conveniently have an ATM located in the waiting room! Fancy that!  

This first visit sets me back around $700 Australian and I still have to go back for the next 3 weeks to get dressings changed and have another heap of needles to finish up my anti rabies treatment. 
 3 weeks and around another dozen or so needles later and I am nearly healed, with no sign of a rabies infection, hell i'd be dead by now if there was! I very nearly left home with no travel insurance and only made the call to get some about a week before I left.  

Great call and it has paid for itself in the first 2 months!  Don’t ever undertake a trip like this without good travel insurance, I used Allianz and they were a pleasure to deal with and the whole claim process was swift and easy.  I have used them again for this trip.

picture warning!!!   gross pic of dog bite coming up...   look away if you can't handle it!

this picture is about a week after the bite...

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