Wednesday, 4 September 2013


AirAsia once again gets me back to Thailand and after the ordeal of getting my luggage through 2 airports with a busted foot I rest up for 2 nights in Bangkok before heading south again to Pattaya.  I get settled into my new place then catch up with Mon, it has been a hard month being away from each other and it is great to be back. 

I spend the next 3 or so months hobbling around and don’t start to walk properly again until February, I probably should have gone to the hospital again, but I’m stubborn like that.   I hate hospitals.  Besides, my old mate with no shirt or shoes in outback Cambodia with the $4 X-ray said it was fine, if you can’t trust him….?!  Haha

As you probably know from the Solomon’s report, I’m an obsessed fisherman back home and I finally talk the crew here into hitting the local fishing parks around Pattaya.  There are a few fishermen among us and the other boys all have gear so we start to make regular trips to these parks they have all over the place, large man-made ponds that are stocked with fish and have little shade huts around them to fish from. 

 It is great, not quite the real deal, but a good fishing fix nonetheless.  You can usually order food and drinks to your table and it’s a great outing to have a few cold beers, a laugh, a chat and catch some fish.  Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s easy though, these fish wise up after a while, ok the cat fish are pretty dam easy to catch but some of the other species are not.  Plus I have never fished fresh water before so the whole thing is a learning curve for me, but I soon start to rack up a few new species I have never caught before. 

We also have a few trips to the shooting range here and get our eye in on the Glock’s, Colt .45’s and CZ’s, a great fun but slightly expensive way to spend the afternoon.  A few days out at a par 3 short course for some very amateur golf also adds to our recreation choices here, but the 19th hole is our favourite part of the day. 

 There are these things and so much more to keep the expat or long term visitor occupied here and I won’t even go into the nightlife!  Throw a $5 massage into the mix every couple of days and it is easy to see why people want to retire here, if you’re a golfer you couldn’t go wrong.  There are tons of world class courses in Thailand at unbelievable prices, if you can handle the heat.  Your recreation options are nearly endless here and flying across a border or 2 to travel and holiday is ridiculously cheap.
A couple of great links to Thailand fishing parks..

Giant Mekong Catfish
this type of golf is much more my style

I am yet to land one of these beasts, the Siamese Carp