Sunday, 29 September 2013


Back in Kanchanaburi we went out for Korean BBQ buffet’s, visited the night markets, explored the town, toured the history and war museums and made some new friends.  Phil, the owner from ‘Cracker’s’ bar is a decent bloke and loves a good yarn and a beer or 3, they also do an awesome burger with the best home-made wedges I think I’ve ever had.  

Some more cruising the surrounding areas on the scooter found all sorts of interesting places, it really is a great province and probably my favourite part of Thailand.  I just love having so many options on the bike and so many different places for great riding.  The town itself is also a very unique and contrasting place. 

There is the tourist section of town, which has just enough nightlife for those that require it, restaurants, the night markets and most of the guesthouses. Not far away is the older part of town with traditional markets and great local food.  It is honestly such a unique little place that is hard explain why, but grab a scooter, and spend a couple of days riding and you will understand.  You can cross the river and feel like you are in another world, there is so much to explore, go and see for yourself.

Some more interesting temples, a couple of museums and a giant monkey pod tree (another classic case of sheer bewilderment from Mon, at why a falang would drive all that way in searing heat to look at a tree) finished off Kanchanaburi.  Nearly…..

 One of those mini buses had an accident of some sort with the train we were to board for Hua Hin and we left the station nearly 4 hours late.  It was another highly enjoyable trip with a bottle of whiskey, bag of ice and bottle of coke, train travel has to be my favourite way to get around for those longer journey’s you can’t do on a bike. 

I much prefer to take the train over flying as you get to see so much more of the country and mix with the locals.  A stopover at Nakhom Pathom for a switch of trains leaves us about half an hour to kill and we get some snaps of a different interesting temple thing?  We get into Hua Hin about 11pm and take the first room we can find, train fare 183 baht ($6) all up for me and once again free for Mon.

After breakfast it was time to change rooms and punish another scooter, little did I know…..

River Kwae Bridge

Giant Monkey Pod Tree

Awesome pink scooter
Interesting temple

Falang and monk wait for train...   
 the Kindle is one of the greatest things you can travel with

Nakhon Pathom and other interesting temple,  this one is actually a lot bigger than it looks and was unlike any of the usual temples you see around Thailand, I can only assume it wasn't Buddhist