Wednesday, 10 December 2014


All the sightseeing and tiny village tracks had left us with a fair way to go before making Udon Thani and we were now looking at a mad scramble to the ‘finish line’!  We stayed on the rural roads and bypassed Khon Kaen, a major city of the Isaan region and aimed for Ubol Ratana Dam which turned out to be almost the highlight of the ride.

After riding through tiny towns and never-ending rice paddies we finally hit the lakeside road and were immediately awestruck, this was the type of place bikers (hey a scooter is almost a ‘real bike’!) dream of. 

We had Nam Phong National Park on our right, a beautiful sprawling lake coming onto sunset on our left, and tight winding corners to lean into on the bikes.  It would have to be some of the nicest riding I’ve done in Asia.

It was too beautiful not to stop so we pulled up for some pictures and just took it all in, forgetting about the time schedule or that it would be dark soon, there was no point in riding to places like that and not taking the time to enjoy them. 

We pushed on further and came to some civilization by the lakeside, a quick explore and we had found a bunch of floating ‘restaurants’, simple bamboo rafts with a roof and tiny tables that you sat on the floor, cross legged at.

It was getting dark by now and we still had over 100 km to go before hitting Udon Thani, once again it was a case of ‘how could we ride past without stopping for a beer here?!’.  We didn’t bother with food but a couple of large beers were made short work of, while we sat in one of the most simple, yet idyllic locations you could enjoy a beer at.  

We really had to get moving though and were soon back on the darkened road, our final leg to Udon just had to be done, in any other circumstance I would have just stayed by the lake. 

Although a little sketchy now that it was pitch black, the remainder of the trip was fairly uneventful, we were pretty much in zombie mode now, running on autopilot just wanting to be at our destination, the thrill of the ride had well worn off!

I have no idea what time it was but we eventually arrived in Udon Thani and to our mate’s house where we would be staying, no rest for us though, we were quickly whisked off nearby for some food before all getting a shower in and calling it a night - we were absolutely spent.

 It had been our longest day but also one of the best with all the scenery and attractions we had seen, our 3 day whirlwind trip of over 800 km and about 26 hours on the bikes, was done.  For now!  We still have to get home yet, plus Noi and I take another trip while Capp goes to Laos….

The Thai's were loving being hauled around the lake at high speeds on those inflatable things!

That is seriously a jetski with an outboard motor on the back of it!!