Friday, 26 December 2014


After checking out, we took a quick spin around Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park, the often overlooked remains of an ancient kingdom that still co-exist with the modern town, a very interesting and large complex that requires more time to explore than we had at hand that day.

Keen to get to Mae Sot early, to complete our organization and last minute preparations before crossing over into Myanmar, we hit the road and followed the  Ping River (i think) as far as possible, then headed west through the awe inspiring mountain pass of Taksinmaharat National Park.

An amazingly scenic, yet slightly dangerous, ride through tight winding corners saw us constantly dodging trucks, cars, giant potholes and cracks in the road but we managed to arrive safely at the other end, the it was only a short distance further to the town of Mae Sot for our last 2 nights in Thailand.

We are staying at Pongpicha Boutique House for about 650 Baht a night including a great breakfast.  Super friendly and helpful staff, they are even letting us leave our bike here for the month we are in Myanmar.

Oh yeah, that's right....  My biggest worry of this trip is now realized- neither foreigner nor Thai can take motorbikes into Myanmar, a car is ok if it is not a rental.  It was always a high probability, but with no definitive answers anywhere online, I at least had to try it for myself.  Now we all know!

The hotel staff have been brilliant in trying to find a solution for us, though with no luck other than being able to organize a bike to be waiting for us on the other side of the bridge.  With no International Drivers License, and the possibility of police shakedowns at the many checkpoints throughout the country, have decided to leave that option for now and will make a new plan once in country. 

 More bizarre Chinese temples while lost in the bush...

GPS gets us 'lost' again, BUT we did get into the historical park for free!!

On the mountain pass, it was too dangerous to stop just about everywhere