Wednesday, 24 December 2014


It was another early start for us as we had another big day on the bike, this time heading for Sangkhlaburi, a tiny town near the Myanmar border, some 230km at the end of one of the most scenically stunning roads in Thailand.  

There is only one way in and out, and unfortunately we will have to back track to Kanchanaburi but I have always wanted to visit and it is one of the coolest rides you will find anywhere.

Also unfortunately, we can’t be guaranteed a border crossing here at the 3 Pagodas Pass, so still need to make the journey to Mae Sot, which as the crow flies is only 200km away, yet will be a 3-4 day ride going back around! 

I have done some of this journey before and stopped again at Hellfire Pass and Sai Yok Yai Waterfall, both were definitely worth a second visit.  I have previously been to Pha Tad Falls, Muang Singh, the War Museums and Cemetery, and Hin Dat Hot Springs also, but skipped them this time to make Sangkhlaburi in time.
This trip has just reconfirmed my love of the Kanchanaburi province, there are so many beautiful natural attractions here to keep you busy for weeks, it’s definitely a place I could live.  The journey here today saw us riding past some of the most amazing scenery - mountains, national parks, lakes and forest as far as the eye can see.

We passed a bunch of tiny towns along the way, mostly nestled on the edge of Vajiralongkorn Dam (formerly Khao Laem Dam) but Thong Pha Phum really stood out as a place to revisit, right on the Khwae River and guarded over by towering limestone mountains.  It just looked like an awesome place to chill out, fish, ride and take in the perfect views.

There doesn't appear to be much else to do besides take in the awesome natural surrounds, but that is the appeal of the place.  I have already climbed to the cliff top Chedi that gives you amazing 360 degree views over the entire area, seemingly the only 'tourist attraction'!

We are loving the little town of Sangkhlaburi already and are just relaxing now with a cold beer overlooking the lake at P Guesthouse, while I type this.  We are staying at Sumran Hotel though, 500 bt a night for great modern rooms, but no view.  There are so many places here with stunning lake views, 2 days just isn’t anywhere near enough time to enjoy them all.

I have wanted to visit Sangkhlaburi since the first time I saw pictures of the man-made bamboo Mon Village Bridge and the sunken temple of the old town, plus the sheer remoteness of the place alone is a drawcard in itself.  It has not disappointed and could very well be one of the best places I have had the good fortune to visit in Thailand.

Songkhalia Resort has possibly the best location in town, with surprisingly cheap prices considering the views from the restaurant.

P Guesthouse also has outstanding views, but is a lot more expensive.

Blue Rock Bar and Café is a bit of a farang hangout with great food and great hosts, Lee and his girlfriend.

Checked out a few places in town, the well known Burmese Inn was dirty and rundown, the lady tried to check me into a room that hadn't even been cleaned yet!  

Somchai Coffe and Guesthouse looked ok, but no wifi.

Near the Krasae Cave, Death Railway

Hellfire Pass

Sai Yok Yai Falls

Saw these guys lurking near the bottom of the falls, I was a fair height too so they were pretty solid fish.  Also saw plenty of other good sized fish from up high, will definitely be taking my fishing rod next trip!

These weren't big, but plenty of em'.



Hill top Temple Thong Pha Phum