Friday, 26 December 2014


Another huge day on the road, 380 km covered through, about as rural as it gets, Thailand.  Sugar cane and pineapples were the crops of choice and we seemed to ride through an endless sea of both.  If we weren't looking at farmland, we were going past one national park after another, with Chaloem Rattanakosin, Phu Toei, Mae Wong and Khlong Lan all on our route, we will spend some real time on our return leg exploring these further.

We were very relieved to finally roll into Kamphaeng Phet after around 8 hours of riding with no real major stops along the way, just a mission to get as far up the road as possible.  Checked into Three J Guesthouse and was really impressed, the rooms were quite small but the common area was just amazing, heaps of room and nearly everything in sight hand made from local timber by the owner, a super friendly and helpful guy.  

At 300 baht with wifi and a hot shower, what more could you ask for?!

Some of the limestone outcrops around here were just spectacular, this backs right onto the village school 'playground'.  Imagine having that view everyday