Wednesday, 14 August 2013


We had ten days of this lifestyle at Mavo Lodge,  fishing numerous different exotic locations, all as unique and beautiful as the next,  with great company, huge amounts of great food and a fair few nights up on the bar balcony with a beer or 3!   We did plenty of island exploring with fishing rods at the ready and were done over by a couple of GT’s (giant trevally) from the rock ledges.  Our walks took us to some really amazing places where you felt really isolated, calm and truly at one with nature. 

We were walking on a reef section one day when out of nowhere there was this huge jagged, volcanic rock jutting up in the middle of it all with some trees on top.  It looked like a great vantage point, plus I can't help myself, so obviously I quickly decided I was gonna climb it, why not,  it was there?  Where was ‘captain hindsight’ on this one?!  

Lucas gives me the old ‘are you sure you should be doing that, man?’,  I reply ‘ yeah ,  no worries,  all good’.  I make my way to the top of this structure and finally make it up,  a sniggering thought in my head about Lucas’ concern over whether it was a good idea or not.   The view is awesome and I set myself to stand victorious on this rock I have ‘conquered’ in the wilds of Ramata Island and feel quite proud until…. 

  ‘Some-thing   bit   me’  (think Forrest Gump voice).   I am being attacked by these large ‘wasp looking things’ as there is a whole nest in the tree I am holding onto and they are pretty pissed off apparently.  A couple have made it under my shirt, their stings hurt like hell and in my, more awkward than usual, dance to get them out, I nearly fall off the top of this rock which is a good 20 feet high.  I can't get down quick enough! 

 Lucas has watched all this unfold and is undecided between pissing himself laughing or showing actual concern for my welfare.  He chooses both but doesn't bother with the  'I told you so'!   Oh well, I’ll live.

On another occasion Kenny takes us on a short jungle hike and a bit of a history and culture lesson. Why on earth they thought Kenny was the man for the job has got me?  Now I have mentioned that he barely speaks a word of English, so we didn’t really learn much, a shame as he took us to the stone slab where ‘they kill da babies’? (was all we got out of him,  some more insight into why would have been great)  He is also probably not a full six pack upstairs, this is confirmed when he excitedly takes us on his ‘special tour’.  

 This involves us all walking from one end of the landing field….    And back again.   In the scorching heat and draining humidity of the midday sun?!  The only place on the island without shade and completely exposed to the elements, it nearly kills us!  Great fucken tour Kenny!   I would possibly prefer being kicked in the balls over ‘Kenny’s Special Tour’, should that decision ever come up.  But he is such a nice guy, none of us hold it against him.

Possibly one of these little bastards...