Monday, 19 August 2013


The evenings are once again magical - beautiful skies, great food and a ‘couple’ of cold drinks to cap off another day in paradise, I really don’t ever want to go home.  At some point in our stay we are joined by 3 young ladies for a few days if I remember rightly, and also 2 older dames (im guessing at least late 70’s, possibly older) from Austria who are hardcore travellers for their age and actually pretty good fun, with some wild stories to tell. 

Very interesting ladies who had decided that they were getting a little long in the tooth and it was time to start spending their money and seeing the world, we all enjoyed their company and I take my hat off to them, there wasn’t anything they weren’t willing to have a crack at.  2 other young guys also arrive at some point to fish, but aside from meal times, we barely see the other people at the lodge. 

As we sit on the front deck gorging on proper 3 or 4 course meals, you can hear and see the coconuts dropping around us, it’s no wonder they reckon those things are dangerous.  They really fall with some force, if one of those fell on your head, you’d probably be a goner, or end up taking people on your ‘special tour’ of the Ramata airstrip!  We were on edge every time we walked near a coconut tree after that. 

Aside from the fishing really turning on, just being in the Marovo Lagoon is an experience of a lifetime, it really is nature at it’s finest work.  There are countless islands dotted throughout, some tiny, some large, all beautiful.  Coral reefs, sandy bays, jungle and palm trees, little villages, locals in canoes and some of the clearest water I’ve seen. 

Just writing about it now has me planning a return voyage!  As I said to Lucas and Stenty ‘take it all in’, we are very privileged to have seen it, especially when we did, as who knows what the future holds here.  Heaven forbid it becomes the new Bali or Phuket’.  As said previously, my words really can’t do justice to the magical beauty of this place, so I will leave it at that.