Sunday, 18 August 2013

Just an up to date report,  currently in Jakarta, arrived yesterday after some very cool road trips on the scooter around Malang and then Yogyakarta.  Will add these reports later.   In the meantime, here is some footage of us celebrating the end of Ramadan and Idul Fitri in Malang, with beer and fireworks obviously!  No worries about doing it right next to one of the main streets'.  We would get arrested for this back home, gotta love Asia!
This was taken out the front of Roellies Guest House, not a bad place to stay, just outside the centre of town. I had to move there for one night as my other place, just around the corner was booked out on my last night in town.  By far your best option and a place I really loved and will stay again if i'm back that way is Armyn Guest House/Hotel. 
It is located on Jl Telemoyo and was a fantastic place with great staff, free breakfast, fast wifi and hot and cold drinking water available.   Nice location and the staff really were amazing, all for under $25 a night.  Plenty of local food and shops nearby, and the angkots pick up just near here.
Local angkot ...or sardine tin   cost about 2-3000 rupiah to get halfway across town, 30 cents.
my record stands at 15 people in the back of one of these!