Thursday, 29 August 2013


The fishing overall was kind of average by our standards at home,  but it didn’t matter,  we were somewhere new, exciting, remote, exotic,  amazingly beautiful, wild, full of culture and history.  I’m no expert in it, but tried to read a lot before I went and learn a few things from the villagers.  

 There are stories of tribal warfare that still exist in some parts, human sacrifice, cannibalism, strong spiritual beliefs and a connection and dependence on the natural environment, and ocean in particular, for everyday survival. 

We were there to fish for sport, for these guys it was a daily struggle to feed their families and we made sure that we brought enough home every day to feed as much of the village as we could.   It was the least we could do for a group of amazing people that had welcomed us into their home and life so warmly and so accepting of our different ways. 

The days had blended into each other and were spent casting lures at some of the most incredible places any of us have ever visited, with stunning backdrops everywhere and I don’t think I could ever get sick of it.  

We fished, island hopped, snorkelled,  visited small village shops for booze and gasoline, we swam, read books or just chilled out if we weren’t fishing.  We met new friends, bridged cultures, shared stories, drank moonshine, smoked Solomon chop chop, had lobster and oyster pizza’s that were bigger than I’d ever seen a pizza. 

 We dodged and weaved our way through the Solomon’s transport nightmare, met strange characters we still talk about and strengthened our friendship through such a unique experience. We explored islands, hiked through jungles, drank beer in trees, swam in caves, saw crocs, battled sharks and big fish, survived the elements and John’s boat driving, avoided malaria and crossed the length of the Marovo Lagoon in a dinghy!

  All of this with a spring in our step, a smile on our face and a gleam in our eye that all comes about from knowing fun and adventure are always around the next bend.

   We had journeyed to what felt like the ends of the earth with more than a few hiccups along the way and had seen the most incredible sights that still haven’t been surpassed.  I had the most amazing adventure of my then, 31 years on this planet and all in the company of my 2 best mates.  I came away from it a changed man, and I hope the other 2 guys got as much out of it as I did. 

 I could never rest again while there were still places like this, such adventures and experiences to be had in foreign lands and new cultures.  I had travelled plenty before, but never fully immersing myself like this, never gone to such extremes for the even the simplest of things and I loved every single minute of it.