Monday, 16 February 2015


After checking out we were on the road again, this time heading south to Sukhothai where we ended up staying 2 nights after rather randomly getting in touch with another mate via Line who also just happened to be in town, so we all got together for a night out of over-eating and a couple of beers!  A great night and a nice surprise, after so many weeks on the road it was good to be among friends again.

We did do the Sukhothai temples the next day but…  I don’t know, maybe we are a little ‘templed out’ or just the eagerness to get home, but it was nothing spectacular we didn’t think, though we (and myself especially) have been pretty spoilt when it comes to amazing temples.

I did like the style of them here though and it is definitely worth checking out, though possibly not after just having returned from Myanmar – temple overload!

 The one that really looked worthwhile visiting was charging 100 bt for farangs and I refused on principal, they already charge you a fee elsewhere (that we avoided!) and this was one solitary structure that would have taken all of 5 minutes to see.  That’s nearly $50 per hour of sightseeing in my books so I simply took a couple of snaps next to the ticket office and away we went.  Man I can be stingy at times!!

We stayed at Banthai Guesthouse which was really nice, once again being able to speak some Thai saved me dollars by asking for a discount on the room if we didn’t use the AC, I used this method many times along the way and regularly knocked 100 bt off the room price!  The food was average but the service was great and really friendly.

As you can probably tell, we are getting really slack by this stage, the long days on the bike, all the travel so far and the thought of being almost home again, are taking their toll!  I’m definitely getting soft!

Banthai Guesthouse