Sunday, 15 February 2015


Once again it was time to keep moving though and we headed down the 1208 before taking the 118 west and then south, past Mae Suai and all the way to Chiang Mai.  Mae Suai Dam was a nice little detour and worth a look, they apparently do some good lure fishing here also, but the trips I looked at were way too pricey for me.

Mae Suai Dam

We also stopped at a really nice place called Khien Doi – Ngoo and Wangmajshar, some sort of local tourist destination that looks like it is still being finished, with a lake and assorted buildings and thousands of huge fish just waiting to be fed.  You can buy assorted food on site to throw at these huge fish, we spent 35 bt and although I would have LOVED to get a line in, it was nice just to see them all. 

There is also a massive python in a small cage that you can look at, with other cages around housing different birds and a few pigs, possibly some sort of small ‘zoo’ to keep the kids entertained? This also looks unfinished. Who knows, I never try to understand Thai logic, especially when it comes to their tourist attractions!

Definitely worth the very slight detour and the 10 bt entry fee!