Tuesday, 10 February 2015


The next day we headed south on highway 3, which follows a mountain range, rather than take the road that goes right through them.  About halfway down the range there is a turnoff  to take you further east to Phu Chi Fa, a famous viewpoint on the mountain top, right near the border,  that over-looks Laos.

Some very steep uphill riding with incredible views, then through a couple of tiny villages perched high in the mountains finally saw us arrive at the carpark, before having to make the fairly gruelling hike to the summit of Phu Chi Fa.  Seriously, it was a hard slog getting up there!

On the way we passed groups of small hill tribe children, donned in their traditional garments, singing and dancing as we approached, hoping to make a few baht.  It’s a tough call this situation – do you give them some money and encourage the further exploitation from the parents or walk by leaving them with nothing for the effort they put in…

We made it to the summit, exhausted to be honest, maybe it was the altitude?! And the views were…..   okay.  It was alright and worth the trip getting there, but a little underwhelming and not that special we didn’t think.  Oh well, we got the pictures to prove it and we were outta there!

We then followed the 1093 that runs fairly close to the Laos border and it was a great ride, with a lunch stop somewhere at a roadside stall, Pad See Yu Kai Dow for me and noodle soup for Noi – grand total 60 bt!

This road eventually takes you right past Phu Sang and the roadside waterfall/public park area that is outside of town, a really nice spot and a pleasant surprise along the way.  We thought it was just beautiful and well worth the time to visit specifically to see it, I’d like to go back and spend a day there I was so impressed.

The entire ride actually was brilliant, as seems to be the norm around this part of Thailand.

South of Phu Sang there is a T junction and we headed west from here, later finding the 1021 and the 1020 all the way to Chiang Rai, where we are now, though heading off again in the morning after 2 nights here.

Phu Chi Fa

Phu Sang Waterfall & National Park