Sunday, 6 April 2014

Wednesday 2nd April 2014   16:42
After 3 days parked at Silomarina, Auckland, working long days getting the boat cleaned, repaired, ready and provisioned to sail, we are now underway.  We are about 3 hours into the journey to Great Barrier Island, with a possible 5 more to go, with little wind we are only sailing at around 4 knots per hour.  There is very little to do really whilst sailing, plenty of reading, I have downloaded heaps of books not only for entertainment but to learn new things, I am already studying French to make communication with Jean-Paul easier.
Just on a side note, at Silomarina we were surrounded by superyachts and it was mindblowing to see them, one catamaran parked right behind us gets rented out at 60,000 Euros a week!  Faaaark!  And that was only the small one around us, the others were 3 times the size!
I have 2 fish onboard already and with limited refrigeration space have had to bring the lure in so as not to catch anymore.  This catamaran really isn’t made for fishing and I don’t have a proper place to operate from, especially when I have to be so careful not to make a mess anywhere.  I had envisioned an epic fishing journey once at the Pacific Islands, unfortunately I don’t see it quite panning out that way.  Will see what happens…
I have been struggling a little with actually having rules to adhere to, not that I mind so much, it’s their boat, just that being older they are far more conservative and careful than I am and tend to worry probably more than is necessary over little things.  Going from carefree independent traveller to ‘teenager living with mum and dad’ is a huge adjustment, but I like a challenge!
  I guess I feel a little trapped, not by the close living arrangements, but through feeling like I have to ask permission for things that would normally be second nature to me to just do or organize.  They are great people though, I have a lot of friends in this age bracket, but these guy’s are a lot more straight laced, old fashioned and serious than my other mates.  Even my humour is lost in translation.
 There is another young guy joining us in very early June, so looking forward to that, although George leaves at the end of June and I wonder how we will go communicating after that.  Plus he’s a great guy, highly educated and very sensible (not a wild party man!), but I have really enjoyed his company so far. 
Unfortunately the German lady I wrote about earlier seems destined to join us in August and I can tell already she will drive me insane….   Could be time to jump ship soon after, but I will at least give her a chance, though one day was enough before.  To clarify though, she is a lovely lady, just that her personality and the way she goes about things will clearly shit me to tears.  Not that I am experienced at this sort of thing, but living that close to people, even small things can become big issues and really grate on you, I can see this happening! 
In other news, this voyage will not be returning me to New Zealand, the plan is to stay in New Caledonia until December before heading back.   Oh well, plenty of time to make a decision, I am already thinking a rendezvous with Stenty and Lucas back at Mavo Lodge could be a plan! 
So that’s the update, will post this when and if wifi becomes available, people talk about giving up addictions, try going without the internet….
First Bay we stayed in
Mega Yacht
Our boat
Jean-Paul, George and Gwen
My Ha Long
Jean-Paul at the helm
Seaplane at Silomarina
 Auckland city skyline
Mega Yacht
See that open hatch at the back, that is the 'Toy Garage'
This guy seriously had 6 boats stored in there that I could see, plus at least 1 jetski...
There were about 30 dolphins playing around the boat, as per usual, by the time I grabbed the camera this guy was the only one left!
Large rock in middle of ocean, possibly our new home for the night