Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Thursday 10th April
It is now 4:45am, I’m on watch but as there is basically no wind, we are motoring and there is very little to do obviously.  The sea is wonderfully calm and the starry sky spectacular, I have been able to see Venus out one side and what I believe to be Mars on the other.  We get some great night skies back home while out camping, but out here takes it up a notch with no other lights to contend with.
Later that morning, not long after George had just gotten out of bed, one of the first things he says is ‘oh, I can smell you just had a smoke’.  Once again real casually, like he is simply stating a fact, not whinging about it.  I quickly replied just as matter of factly ‘Well I can smell that you just took a shit, but I didn’t feel it necessary to comment about it’!  I think he got the hint.
Friday 11th April
It is now 4:30pm and I am on watch again, the sea is calm and we have been under motor since around 12am this morning.  The night watch was awesome really, beautifully calm water and the engine running meant I could just sit and watch downloaded media on my laptop!  It is obviously not ideal to be going slower and using the engines, but it is enjoyable and very relaxing.
Extremely bummed out earlier today though, at around 6am this morning I noticed a couple of bumps on my rod I had trolling, so went over to investigate.  As I picked it up I saw a huge hit as my lure was engulfed and I was on to a monster!  But this left me standing on the back deck with a very solid fish on and nobody awake to cut the motors!
This fish was off into the distance at a blistering rate, my reel screaming as I tried to wake the others up to come turn the boat around and chase this bastard down.  Just as Jean-Paul came on deck I was busted off, one of my favourite lures and who knows, possibly one of the best fish I have hooked, gone forever….
I wasted no time in getting another lure out and around an hour later we saw a black fin just behind the boat, only 20 seconds later and my reel was screaming again!  A billfish for sure, but as I picked the rod up and went to set the hook, he dropped it as quick as he had nailed it, no hook-up.  F*#@!  On the plus side, George hasn’t really done anything major to piss me off so far today.  Oh that’s right, I have barely talked to him!
We still have about 409 nm to reach Minerva Reef, where apparently we may spend a couple of nights if time permits.  Woohoo! At this rate we are looking at arriving Monday