Sunday, 30 March 2014

30th March 2014

Yesterday we motored to a nearby ferry pier on the island of Waiheke, about a mile and a half around the corner from where we had anchored in the bay, to pick up George's daughter Laure and her boyfriend Gwen, plus another older German lady who will be joining us later in the voyage. 

We put the sails up (though only for 'fun' as Jean-Paul said) but really went under engine power for the trip out to a different island where we found a nice spot and set anchor for the day.  The small RIB tender with 6 hp was soon fired up and we went for a quick explore of the coastline.  We spotted a heap of mussels growing on the rocks and made the call to go get the appropriate gear.  Half an hour later we had what turned out to be more than enough!

Lunch was leftover fish, plus the salmon we had caught on the way, with salad, freshly made mayonaise and rice.  Bellies full it was time for some fishing!  I introduced the crew to 'berlying up', they were a little sceptical at first as they expected to see fish coming right up to the boat! 

As the afternoon wore on Gwen and i had caught around a dozen pink snapper, with 6 kept  to eat, 1 slabbed for bait and the rest returned to swim another day.  They are now believers in this strange act of 'berlying'!  I love the fact that it is technically my duty, my responsibility, to go fishing everyday for food!  I was actually 'told' i needed to catch some fish!

Even today i was cautiously asked if i could try to get some more fish for Gwen and Laure to take home.  I just laughed at the notion that they felt i may not want to go fishing??!!   Haha.  I told them i would never say no to that and could easily spend every spare minute of the trip fishing. 

But no luck so far in fishing today!   After dropping Elka, the German lady, back on shore last night we indulged in another great feast on the yacht before turning in for the night.  A short motor this morning, after Jean-Paul let me drive the yacht through a packed mooring bay (a bit scary with all those expensive boats to weave through!), and we are on the pick (anchored up) at this very minute.  No fish but a relaxing day so far in beautiful surrounds.  

It is now late afternoon and we are sailing back towards Auckland for the night, some repairs, shopping and wait for the wind before heading to Tonga.  I am adjusting easily to life on board a yacht, my family were worried about me never coming back from Asia, now they need to worry about me never coming home from sea! 
pictures to come soon...