Monday, 20 January 2014


After that it was off to Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park and Cibeureum Waterfalls, where we made the rather long hike to the waterfall there.  It is actually a huge national park and to hike it properly would require some pretty good fitness and at least 2 or more days.  

We hiked around 6km return and barely ventured far in to the park by comparison to how far it reaches.  There were plenty of serious hikers there with packs and they looked set for a few days walking and camping.
There was plenty of stunning jungle and wildlife along the way and we got to see some Ebony Leaf Monkeys (I think that’s what they were) in the wild on the way back down the mountain.  It was a great feeling to be able to witness these creatures in their natural habitat and know that it is being looked after and preserved for future generations, something not so common in Asia.
 Aside from the monkey’s I couldn’t really recommend visiting this place just for the waterfall that we hiked to, it was fairly gruelling and as the path was made from uneven stone steps, you found yourself looking down to make sure you didn’t trip over most of the way, which detracted from really taking in the scenery.  For serious hikers willing to go further, I would not hesitate to recommend this beautiful national park.
We found another room for the night further down the hill and got some much needed rest after a long day.  The next morning would see us head to Curug Cilember, a 7 tiered waterfall with good hiking and some serious inclines to tackle, heading all the way up is quite gruelling at times.  

Though for the less physically inclined, the waterfall right at the start of the park is probably the best anyway and easily located not too far from the main gate, shops etc.  It is a beautiful setting and well worth a look.
Then it was back to Jakarta for some more R&R, a couple of nights partying, which included my birthday at a great place we had been to before, Eastern Promise.  Every Friday they have ‘pressure hour’, which involves free beer for the whole hour until somebody leaves the room or goes to the bathroom!

Our first trip there it lasted the whole hour and the night kicked on very late, with many new friends made.   But wouldn’t you know it, the day of my birthday we were there again and ‘pressure hour’ lasted only 4 minutes before somebody ruined it for us all!  Oh well, it was my birthday, previously made friends were there and the Sydney Swans were playing on the huge screen.  They lost btw…
Patty taking 'selfies' while Darren and I are engaged in what was surely in-depth, intellectual conversation.....   or simply talking bullshit!

Sober as a judge....
Gunung Gede Pangrango
For some reason, I didn't really take any photo's at Curung Cilember?  Here is about the only 2 I found