Tuesday, 21 January 2014

My visa was nearly up again and it was time to make a choice, I had been tossing up between a couple of weeks in Malaysia or Thailand before returning to Indonesia to continue my travels to the East islands.  

An email from a good mate saying he was in Thailand for the month sealed the deal and I was off to the airport and heading to Bangkok on the 19th September.  But first I was going to hit Bali for a few days to meet my parents who were visiting for a friend’s birthday and a bit of well deserved down time.
I stepped out of the cab just after lunch near my hotel and the old boy was waiting to greet me, they had been waiting in a nearby bar after finding my hotel, The Grand Bimasena. (it’s actually not that grand, but is a great budget option right in the centre of Legian St, with really nice rooms, a pool and good service, highly recommended and under $30 a night) 

I dropped my bags in the room and as my oldies already had a drink on the go, we had a couple of beers and caught up on all the news.  I actually didn’t make it back to my room until around midnight or after I think as we made quite a night of it, a bit of shopping, walking, eating and a fair few drinks.  It was great to be amongst family again. 
We had 4 days together so dad and I decided to hit Lembongan Island for the day and go hooning on scooters around the place, I had done this many years ago and loved it.  A ferry took us over to Lembongan, which is a great place to go for a night or 2, especially for couples, and we quickly went ashore to rent a couple of bikes. 

We explored the whole island and made the very cool crossing to Ceningan Island over the tiny suspension bridge that is only big enough to fit one bike at a time and feels like it could give way at any moment. 

It crosses a beautiful ocean inlet and going over to Ceningan to explore is a must if you’re visiting, though for me , to see how much development had gone on in the few years I had been away was quite surprising.  What once was jungle and dirt tracks is now homes, roads, hotels and cleared land. 
A great day out and the rest of our time together was really enjoyable, on my last night in town another couple arrived, friends of my parents, though I had previously spent a lot of time with them and we had all travelled USA and China together.  Really great people and it was nice to catch up briefly before I headed for Thailand again the next day, my oldie’s were taking a bemo out for the day and dropped me at the airport in the morning on their way. 

We said our goodbye’s again and it was time for me to continue the journey, though this was mainly going to be a bit of a party trip and a chance to catch up with friends I hadn’t seen since March, though the friend that had emailed, Danca, I hadn’t seen in nearly a year.
Many people head straight to Pattaya from the airport and after asking only 2 people I had secured a lift for free in a private car with a young Aussie guy and we were on our way. Pattaya was pretty much just party time and seeing old friends, making new ones, though we did squeeze in a 5 day road trip up north to the countryside and got a bit of fishing done also.