Thursday, 9 January 2014


I then flew to Jakarta and unlike last trip, this time around I had organized a room through Agoda and was more than happy when I arrived.  It was a great room, large, modern, media centre, free noodles, water, tea coffee etc and a great price.  I later found out why – my friends in Jakarta all laughed when I told them where it was, apparently I was staying in the red light area.  
I didn’t care, from what I had learnt, nearly the whole city is a red light area if you know where to look, though that scene in Jakarta is very hidden and not out on display in public, you wouldn't know it was there if you weren't looking.  

Though a couple of times I walked into a place expecting to find beer and pool and was a little shocked.  Yes there was beer and pool, but also about 200 girls waiting to meet a handsome man!  No thanks though, I stayed for one overpriced beer then made my exit!

I really liked the area, it had a great street food / market scene, plenty of eating choices and basically no tourists.  I wouldn’t hesitate to stay there again, the Magnolia Hotel in Mangga Besar.

Jakarta was my planned destination to chill out for a couple of weeks, I was mainly here to see a few friends and get started on my writing and this blog and do some side trips in between.  I scored a great room at a great price, possibly the best I had found in Indo without paying a fortune.

It was in Jakarta that i met Patty, a notary with a passion for travel also and a fairly free schedule like me.   We hung out for the next few weeks in Jakarta with some side trips in between me getting all that writing done.  

She had just returned from a month in Cambodia and was keen for more adventure.  We are now sitting on a boat near Flores in the Komodo National Park, having just seen our first Komodo Dragons and Patty her first dolphin about 10 minutes ago. Life as usual is great!