Monday, 21 October 2013


We partied hard at the buck’s show plus a few other nights and also made the call to visit a mate living in Kalgoorlie who we hadn’t seen in at least 5 years.  It is such a huge trip to go from our town and it was the first time we had found ourselves in Perth with time to kill, so we figured we would catch the train out there and catch up with him for a couple of days.  With bags packed we headed to East Perth Train Station at some ridiculously early hour where we waited for the ticket booth to open.  

After lining up for 10 minutes I tell the lady behind the little window ‘2 tickets to Kalgoorlie please’.  She asks to see my booking….   Hmmm.   I was on their website the night before and had considered buying a ticket online but thought ‘how many people seriously would want to go to Kalgoorlie?!,  we’ll be right!’.  

No, we weren’t right, the train was full and we had to catch another expensive taxi back to the unit and drive Stenty’s car the roughly 600km out there.  You would think somebody who had just spent 10 months in South East Asia could organize a fucken train trip in Perth!

Not much to report from Kalgoorlie, it was about as dull as I imagined it to be, but was good to finally see our old mate and his new baby.  We had 2 nights there before deciding it was enough and made the drive back to Perth where Stenty still had his brother’s wedding to attend before we left for home.  

One more spanner in the works though, as Stenty met a girl he couldn’t drag himself away from and we ended up staying nearly another week!  It was a strange feeling when we finally pulled into my place back in town, I was expecting it to feel weird, exciting, but it really just felt like I hadn’t left.  It was nice to be back though.

We fished, camped, went crabbing, caught lobster, took the boat out, caught up on all the tales and pretty much just had a great time with all my mates.  I had planned to only stay 2 months back in Australia before heading off again but my dad had planned a fishing trip in town with his mates, which would mean staying almost a month longer, but I wasn’t going to miss that. 

They are an awesome bunch of old farts that I had fished and travelled with quite a few times and it was a fantastic week, we fished all day and partied all night. It took a bit of effort to keep up with them actually, I kept joking that I would have to go back to Pattaya to chill out and stop partying so hard!!

One of the things I miss most while travelling, my car and the freedom it provides

Beer and fishing....

Getting set for a night of crabbing, fishing, kayaking, campfire, boozing and bullshit!

Baby Spanish Mackerel, but so tasty

A couple of Baldchin Groper, possibly the tastiest fish in the ocean and a great fighter

Just a small long nosed emperor, but the first we know of being caught in the area

Big Wahoo,  this was actually Dennis' fish, but while trying to help him hold it, kinda looks like I caught it...    haha   sorry Dennis, gotta be a bit quicker

No shortage of these bastards..

They get hungry too..