Friday, 25 October 2013


There are a few more adventures that happened back home, like getting caught out camping at our islands in one of the worst storms i have been in, that resulted in probably my roughest night outdoors followed by an extremely shit ride back to town in the boat.  But i'll keep the story going abroad and begin my Indonesian tales...

So I’ve landed in Bali around lunchtime, the usual process, step out of the airport into stifling heat, humidity and that 'Indo' smell in the air.   I set off to my hotel,  possibly the cheapest room in town,  well aside from the ones with no aircon, tv or hot water...   but really,  I do have standards,  not many,  but i do have some. 

The place is Sayang Maha Mertha and  check in is quick and painless as usual, with a nice cold juice while i wait the 5 minutes it takes to get sorted.    It really is a good place, with excellent, cheap food and pretty much my regular on the odd occasion i decide to stop in at Kuta and try to avoid the drunken yobbos that seem to have taken over the place.   This time they seem to be absent and it was a fairly nice crowd around the place.  

With a few sore muscles after the plane ride i go to get a massage,   as I usually do, and find a place that looks ok,  the assistant manager behind the counter decides she's going to do it,  must be my charm and good looks that brings this on!  So the usual routine and the massage starts out ok,  when suddenly things get hot n heavy between us.   

Not what I was expecting,  and I fought it kicking and screaming,  but my will was not strong enough for this gorgeous, tanned young lady,  I must learn to be strong!  She is looking for a boyfriend and keys her number into my phone, but I am not staying long in Bali.  5 hours off the plane and I have already been taken advantage of,  I feel so cheap...   hehe

Some new shoes (those that saw the ones I left Australia in will understand), an 'original copy' Sydney Swans shirt  and a new sim card sees my shopping out of the way,  much to the dismay of nearly everybody I walk past who are trying to sell me shit,  then  it’s time for a beer and some games of pool.  

After some shocking form back home on the pool table,  I am suddenly back on my game and quickly demolishing the local talent, a phone call goes out and they call in 'the master'!  He gets one game on me as I wasn't  quite prepared for a real challenge,  but it’s all downhill from there for him and i am soon the newly crowned 'master',   of this bar anyway!  

I stop for a quick drink across the road, as the cute girl out the front, trying to entice customers,   looks so lonely...     we chat for a while but no luck,  she has a boyfriend.  I get talking to the owner, a young Aussie guy that fell for the old ' i'll buy a bar in paradise and live happily ever after' trick.   The only people buying drinks were him...   poor guy,  probably seemed like a good idea at the time!   

He tries to talk me into having dinner there,  but price wise, as  Darryl Kerrigan would say 'tell him he's dreaming'.   Besides, I have a date with a pizza at Rendezvous 78,  their supreme is bloody awesome,  also a great place to watch the footy,  UFC or whatever sport you're into.  

3 girls with no English from Sulawesi,  decide it would be fun to take pictures with the bule and i am now in the holiday snap album of some giggling girls from far north Indo!     ah ,   the things i endure,  and its only day one....

Let’s leave night 2 untold,  my mother might be reading this....

I check out of the hotel and kill a few hours while I wait for my flight to Surabaya, with a beer and a massage,  no scamming the  innocent tourist this time,   all above board and just what i need after a lot of walking.   I get to the airport far too early as the whole process of checking in takes about 5 minutes and i am left with nothing to do but...  have a beer.