Saturday, 14 December 2013


We finally made it down to the South coast of Yogyakarta and went looking for all these secluded beaches we had read about.  Well somebody forgot to mention that being a massive holiday period, everybody had time off and i'm pretty sure half of Java had the same idea as us. 

I have never seen anything so hectic in my life, the traffic and people at some of these places was seriously unbelievable.  I didn't ride all this way to sit on a beach and feel like I was in the city mall, so all we could do was follow the coast and stop in at all the different beaches for a look. 

The riding was great though and eventually we found a beach that was a fair bit quieter and pulled up for some food and a cold beer after a swim and watched the sun go down.  

Don't expect to find beer there though, maybe after Ramadan, but I smuggled in 2 large beers under the scooter seat and just ordered a glass with ice.  For those thinking I was being insensitive to the locals, we did ask first, no problems!

 The food was delicious even if it was giving my mouth 3rd degree burns, Yuni thought it was hysterical watching me keep eating even though the food was far too hot for me to handle.

Now the fun part..  trying to find a room in Wonosari, what a mission.  It took a couple of hours of riding around and constantly asking locals before we found something.  The first place pretty much told us to fuck off as we were an unwed interracial couple and gave us discerning looks as we left in shame.  We got the same treatment at another place, while one guesthouse simply said he had to notify the police if there was a bule staying there?!  WTF?!

The boys at home will understand when i say 'That's racist bro'!

  So I said jam that and eventually we found a nice little shithole.... I mean basic establishment, and called it a night after a few room supplies from Indomaret.  Yuni is reading the blog and she will note that I skipped the part about me getting quite pissed off during the whole saga!!  

Not wanting to endure another night in Wonosari or visit the beaches again whilst so busy we decided to head back to Jogya via a few stops on the way.  We went cave tubing at Goa Pindul, it was not what I was expecting but would probably be cool outside of the major holiday, there was no escaping the masses anywhere and we just had to bear it.  

We sat on tyre tubes and floated down a river section through a cool cave, on an average day they take about 300 people through, today was around 3000!  Worth a look though, especially if you haven't done that sort of thing before.   We actually do it a bit when our river back home floods, but it was an enjoyable experience and fairly cheap.