Wednesday, 4 December 2013


There is no rest for the adventurous though and the next morning we jumped on a train and headed west to Yogyakarta, a special district of Java and home to the major temples and a multitude of universities.  The train ride was great, I like the fact you get to see more of the country, mingle with the locals, yet not be confined to a little seat, you have the freedom to wander round.  

 I spent a lot of the trip typing up many pages for the blog in between soaking up the scenery .  I cant remember how long the trip was. maybe around 6 hours or more and i think the tickets were around $16. 

The train finally pulled into the station in Yogya/ Jogya as the locals call it and we trudged off up the road in search of a place to sleep.  i normally like to avoid doing this and be organized with somewhere to stay, but for some bizarre reason no place would take a booking, you were just supposed to turn up?!  

Weird and it got me a little wound up to be honest, the sheer lunacy of it, but you can't go getting upset about things like this, it's part of the reason I travel, new experiences and adapting to the unfamiliar.

I seriously thought I would remember all the names of these places, but until i get up to date with the blog and write as things occur, it is sometimes hard to capture all the finer details.  It was a decent place though and the owners were extremely friendly and helpful.  

It was no easy task though, it was still holiday season and nearly everything was booked up, we covered a lot of ground to find a place at the right price.  It also felt for the first time like I was somewhere touristy, as there were hordes of European backpackers in town, the most bule I had seen in weeks.

The eating and shopping choices here are endless but I definitely preferred the serenity of Malang, I know that the place does get quite a few tourists but we never saw any of them whilst there.  First things on the list for Jogya were the temples it is famous for and we organized a scooter that night in preparation for a very early start the next morning. 

Train journey

Uuuummmm...   guess we got a little bored