Tuesday, 13 June 2017


Kampong Cham is only a small city, roughly 3 hours north east of Phnom Penh and boasts a beautiful downtown riverside (Cambodia really knows how to utilize their river frontage) and a handful of tourist attractions to keep you busy for 2 or 3 days.  

The highlight being the worlds longest bamboo bridge that stretches across the Mekong to Koh Pen.  

"It is the longest bamboo bridge in the world, and is rebuilt every year once the rainy season passes and the Mekong subsides to reveal the sandy banks below. Almost a kilometre long and made entirely of blonde bamboo poles, the bridge remains until it is submerged and washed away again every year when the Mekong, flush with snows from the Himalayas, surges again."

taken from travelfish.org

Simply riding around the area or strolling the riverside soaking in the relaxed vibe is more than worth the trip though. 

I stayed 2 nights at Moon River Guesthouse for $17au a night and found it satisfactory, very helpful staff, bikes for rent, a beautiful view straight over the river and a restaurant serving up cheap delicious meals, far superior to the 2 very poor meals I had at the well known Mekong Crossing.  I can't comment on their accommodation but the food I tried was poor. 

I definitely recommend the fresh spring rolls and the steak & cheese baguette at Moon River and would gladly stay there again, as I certainly see myself returning to Kampong Cham - a fantastic little getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city.

I visited pretty much all of the touristy sites, and highly recommend taking a bike ride north out to Prasat Han Chey.  While there is nothing special about the place, just a cheesy hilltop temple really, the ride and the views once there are definitely worth the trip!  

Of course no trip to Kampong Cham is complete without venturing across the bamboo bridge and exploring the villages of Koh Pen, either by scooter, bicycle or on foot.

The bus trip from Phnom Penh was $6us and takes around 3 hours, with obligatory stop for food on the way!  What are you waiting for?

The bridge to Koh Pen.
Didn't actually get any pics from the island village as I feel like i'm imposing on them, like their daily life is some sort of tourist attraction.