Monday, 23 May 2016


Then next day we just explored more of town and went to the monkey temple or Swayambhunath.  It's perched atop a hill and there are 365 steps, steep ones I might add, to reach the summit.

There are actually monkeys scrambling about the steps and surrounding trees, but they didn't seem like the usual thieving kind that are prone to grab your camera and run off with it! A nice spot to visit for a couple of hours,then it was back into town to organize what we really came for - our bike trip. 

 Troy had been in contact with a local group, Smoking Joe's Motorcycle Tours and had pretty much arranged a trip already.  We went down the shop to meet the guys, fine tune our plan, and get paid up, we would ride early the next day.

I normally don't do tours for many reasons and I even discussed with Troy doing this trip on our own.  But going with a local can definitely be a huge asset, especially as it is my first trip here.   

As it turns out, the 2 guys Julian and Aajit completely made our whole trip, and we have been hanging out almost daily since we returned.  We went in as a customer and came out friends for life, with future trips and a possible business relationship planned.   I have been assigned team leader when the guys come to Thailand to plan some epic long haul journey's in the future!

Both are really great guys, and their 3rd guide and main photographer Aman, who we have been hanging out with since, is also a champ.  If you are coming to Nepal to ride, don't hesitate to book through these guys, not only a pleasure to hang out with but we learnt so much about the food and culture also.

  Mmmmm  the food....    loving the food here!!