Sunday, 1 March 2015


Time to get this little chapter finished, though there isn't much left to tell.  From Nakhon Sawan we continued further south to Noi's hometown of Saraburi and spent a couple of days there visiting her family.

There is a great night market in Saraburi on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with some great and really cheap shopping, but not a whole lot else to do in the town itself.  We have visited previously and checked out the waterfalls and surrounding areas, but this trip was all about seeing her family and then getting home.

By this time we were getting really slack, no photos and I can't even find the place we stayed at, though Noi tells me it was called Pai Tawan Hotel/Apartments, a really large room actually with a small kitchen and would be great for longer stays.  500 baht a night.

After 2 nights here we made our final run for home and took some obscure route through rural farmland, but it gave us a more direct and shorter path.  A shortish day on the bike in comparison to the rest of the journey, but we were more than happy to be home.

It had been an amazing journey, we had traveled far and wide, had great adventures, seen so many incredible places, endured the Myanmar bus journey's and horrendous roads and were fortunate enough to visit some of the most spectacular ancient sites in SE Asia.

We had spent countless hours on the scooter going from town to town, never bored with the surrounding beautiful and varied landscapes, sometimes feeling like a holiday, other times feeling like hard work - but it was all worth it for the incredible places we had been.  

The scooter journey alone took us along nearly 5000 km of Thailand roads and sometimes dirt tracks, and I have no idea how far we had been through Myanmar, but we sure covered some ground there also. 

I previously stated that I didn't see Myanmar as a 'definite go back to' country, after re-reading my own stories and reliving the memories, I would have to dismiss that comment.  I loved it and could easily go back any time.

Thailand as always, was incredible to travel, you couldn't possibly have a bad time anywhere traveling here.  Nearly everything is cheap and easy and there is always something interesting to see or do, for the backpacker or the 5 star holiday maker.