Monday, 26 January 2015


So I will offer up my final thoughts on Myanmar, it was a great trip and I loved the things we did, but there just didn’t seem to be enough attractions and things to do around the country.  Possibly due to the limited information, the foreigner restrictions or the lack of freedom to be able to simply explore anywhere we wanted, but it felt this way.

As I said - I loved our time here, it was definitely different to other travels I have done but I only possibly see myself back there, which is a unusual for me, every other place I have been it is a DEFINITE that I will go back.  The things we did were great, amazing at times, though as an overall travel experience/destination there are plenty of other options I see as being better.

The food was incredible, the locals friendly and everything aside from the accommodation and some of the bus trips was extremely cheap.  Though, unlike everywhere else I have travelled, Myanmar just isn’t screaming ‘come back’ to me, but it was a great experience that we certainly don’t regret.

This is not me saying 'don't go', not in the slightest, just my reflections on our time there coupled with comparisons to other SE Asian options.  

Perhaps Myanmar is better to just do a ‘highlights’ tour as opposed to trying to go almost everywhere, though there are most certainly still a few places and things that I would have liked to have seen - maybe I will go back!! 

 A few final pics of Hpa An