Saturday, 22 November 2014


A couple more bus rides later and I was back at the High Street Inn,  Kota Kinabalu, as I had accidentally left some shirts there, plus it was easy just to stay at the same place again now that I knew my way around.  

I spent 1 day out on Sapi Island, a beautiful little spot just off the coast, 1 of a handful out from KK, you can either visit them all or simply choose one you like and stay there.  

Ferries leave from Jesselton Point regularly and cost 23 myr for 1 island, plus an extra 10 if you want mask & snorkel.   Once on Sapi there are places to eat and drink, toilets and plenty of shade.  On arrival there was a school of fish, as big as a bus, right underneath the pier.  

I went with Chloe, a Canadian who had been on the Kinabatangan trip with me, and we had a few afternoon beers and a swim.  She was keen for sunbathing so I hiked around the island, not seeing a person the whole way around.  

The heat and hills made it a fairly hard hike and I was well relieved to drag my sweat drenched, aching body, back around the last bend to civilization, a hard earned cold beer was high on the agenda!

Sapi Island lays claim to having the 'longest island to island zipline in the world', which is most likely true as it's possibly the ONLY one in the world!  

I was keen to go, merely for the 'bragging rights' involved in taking the longest island to island.....bla bla,  but it in no way looked fast or dangerous enough to warrant shelling out 50 myr for!

Late in the afternoon we made our way back to KK for food and drinks by the rooftop pool at the Hotel Grandis, complete with amazing sunset views.  It really is the place to be on sunset, with great food & drinks at reasonable prices, and the pool is an added bonus.

The next morning it was back on the plane on my way to Thailand, with a stopover in KL.  I have been here nearly 7 weeks now and have many new adventures to post, just have to remember to have some quiet days now and again on the computer!

Some other fantastic places to eat & drink in KK- 

The Glass Grill & Bar - 5 star dining at super cheap prices, plus amazing views

El Centro - has a quiz night on Wednesdays, we ended up winning free drinks, plus their pizza's are awesome.

View from Hotel Grandis rooftop