Thursday, 7 August 2014




Ok,  so it’s been a long time since I posted, very slack of me.  Now where were we..?
Oh that’s right, stranded in Tonga after I mutinied off the yacht and wondering where to go, what to do and how to get home again.  A little bit of online research and I was off in a taxi to check out some accommodation for the week, there were some real shitholes… I mean ‘simple, rustic….’   Na  they were shitholes.   But a place I had looked at online turned out to be a winner, Winnie’s Guesthouse. 

Being the sociable guy I am, I had made some friends already and ended up going out with some locals a couple of nights, the Tongan’s are extremely friendly and sociable.  But it was soon time to head for Fiji, where I had absolutely no plan of attack and would be going in blind, a backpacker place booked for my first night in Nadi was the only certainty.

As always I get chatting to people at the airport in Nadi, trying to find somebody to split a cab with.  I get lucky in no time as there are 2 guys travelling together, a $15 cab fare now only costs me $5.   Soon enough I am checking into Bluewater Lodge, located near the beach and in the backpacker hub of Nadi, a nice place with friendly staff, around $10 a night for a bunk bed in a dorm room.

As I’m travelling solo, the owners soon invite me to join them for a drink, we are barely into our first beer before a massive bowl of kava is prepared and the procession of kava bowls being handed to me over the course of the night seems endless!   They were amazed I could handle it so well as we chatted into the night.  A friend of theirs, Tui, arrived bearing gifts of some nice red wine and we were soon talking fishing.  Turns out the guy owns an island resort and invites me out there to stay for a few days and go fishing with him!  Hmmm,  let me think about that one….   ‘Hell yeah, I’m in!’

So having barely landed in town, without a clue as to where I would end up in Fiji, I suddenly have a plan and we are to leave early the next morning.  I rearrange my bags and leave a heap of stuff at Bluewater to lighten the load a little and seemingly before I even have time to realize it’s happening, my new Fijian adventure has begun!

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