Friday, 2 May 2014

Tuesday 22nd april
I am now sitting in a fancy restaurant in Tonga, using their wifi and having a beer.  We arrived last night and have spent the WHOLE day navigating our way through the arrival process here, everything happening in ‘Pacific Time’.  Fucking slowly!  We still aren’t legal yet after 10 hours of trying, technically I’m not allowed to leave the boat.
It was another very easy, casual sail to get here.  These guys reckon they have never seen weather this good for so long, though it has made the going a bit slower and we have had to use the motors more than JP would like.  It took 3 days I think, with a quick stop at Ata Island about 80 miles south of Tonga, where I once again slayed some fish, hell I even caught a bird!
Before Ata Island I also landed a solid Wahoo while trolling, he went like a demon, but was soon on the back step, my very uncomfortable filleting station, getting chopped up!  George, as usual, comes over and without even knowing what fish it was, starts trying telling me how to fillet it!!  Really George?!!  Really?!  You’re telling ME how to fillet again?! Haha
I don’t particularly like getting told too much as it is, let alone by somebody that knows has no idea! A few more little incidents that afternoon nearly saw violence on the yacht, that Wahoo wasn’t going to be the only one bleeding on the deck! 
It was almost painful arriving in to Tonga, we were going so slow as we didn’t want to arrive until after sundown, it was hard to finally see our destination, be so close, yet know we would be hours away from getting in.  As we got closer, I could see a huge cloud of smoke, and pointed it out to the others who were inside.  ‘Wow, must be a big fire’ I said.  Wellllllllll, what sort of response do you think that got?!  George goes ‘Ah, well,  it could be…’.    With this look on his face that said, no, you’re wrong! 
‘What do you mean – it could be??!!’ I said, ‘We’re 10 miles out George, please enlighten me with your wisdom of what that is then’.  He seriously goes ‘Ah, well, it could be a very small fire making a lot of smoke’.  Surely I can’t be the only one ready to punch this guy?!  Haha
Aaaah.  As I said, it would almost be funny if I didn’t live with it every day, actually, I do kinda laugh about it more now, that somebody can seriously act like that.  Anyway, I better head back to the boat soon, don’t want any trouble with the local constabulary.


Cool looking fish on plastic, this thing actually took drag off my Saltiga, which was fairly locked up for shallow water popping

Ata Island

JP took the bird pictures

See, I do some work out here
Please...   feel free to tell me how to fillet...!!