Wednesday, 6 November 2013



We had organized our tour through the 'hotel' and jeeps would take us up the mountain, leaving at around 4am to watch the sunrise over Mt Bromo.  We were up and ready when the staff knocked on the door, don't forget to bring a jumper, it is bitterly cold and i was the only one wearing shorts.  

Though if need be, there are plenty of huge woolly poncho's for rent.  In our jeep we were accompanied by a young German couple who were also keen travellers and we swapped stories all the way to the summit.

  At certain points on the hillside you caught a glimpse of the town lights way down below and it gave you an idea of just how high we were.  The peak where we watched the sun come up is around 2500 meters above sea level.  

Once our jeep (and the countless others) had stopped it was about a 5-10 minute walk to the viewing area, it was here i really got an idea of how popular and well known this place was.  There were maybe 200 people there, possibly more, it's hard to know, but finding a good spot was proving difficult. 

We huddled together for warmth and waited for the sun to breach the horizon and give us a proper glimpse over this famous spectacle we had come to behold.  It was worth the effort, early start and the wait, it was a stunning display of nature and I urge any traveler to go visit. 

The valley we had ridden through yesterday was filled with an eery fog and the volcano and surrounding mountains turned on a show of colour and texture as the sun slowly gave light to the whole scene.  Seeing things like that really remind you that there is more to life than just what is in your town, your city, that there is so much wonder out there waiting for you to come and find it.

But i have a little tip for you which we only discovered after making our way back to the jeep, there is an absolute perfect spot to view the sunrise from and only a few people there.  

As you get to a hairpin corner going right and up the mountain, you will see the start of the little shops, there is a toilet block? off to your left before you go around.  Look around that area and you will see a little path that gives you the best view of the whole area and you won’t have to fight for space.

These were only taken with the Ipad, I have added a Sony Cybershot now, but really wish I had of brought my Canon DSLR, I was worried about the extra room it takes, but am missing the picture quality it provides.  It will be in the luggage soon I think.